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Proclamation de Soulouque Aux Haitiens

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  • Proclamation de Soulouque Aux Haitiens

    Although not as well known for sponsoring African-American immigration as Boyer or Geffrard, Soulouque’s regime did endeavor to attract people of color from Louisiana. In the above images, we see a Proclamation in Creole composed by Henri Fourrier in 1859, entitled Proclamation de Soulouque Aux Haitiens. The piece shows how people of color followed events in Haiti from Louisiana. Emile Desdunes, an agent of the Haitian state and prominent Creole of color, worked on behalf of Soulouque’s government to bring African-Americans to Haiti, where there presence was desired for labor, specifically, in the agricultural sector.

    It is quite fascinating that this proclamation is in Creole, as well, a language all Haitians understood and aligned well with Soulouque’s non-elite origins. For more on Louisiana Creoles of Color and Haiti, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture has an excellent page on Haitian (or Saint Dominguan) immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries, including how Haiti and the Haitian Revolution influenced people of color in literature, culture, music, and social movements.

    Image Courtesy of the Louisiana State University Library Creole Echoes Exhibit

    courtesy :
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